Weevil Eradicator Machine   Thai 
New Innovation For Weevil Control Management

-  No Chemical Treatment

-  No Residue

-  Eliminate Weevil Including Grain Beetles(Weevil) Eggs.

-  No Effect Rice Quality And Rice structure

-  Cost Effective

-  Environment Protection

-  Convenient To Operate                  

Machine worked by Integrated Heating System
               Between conduction system and dielectric system. They can eliminate weevil efficiently and can be use for commercial business. Machine processed by giving heat to product primary using Conduction Heating System for increase the product temperature. After that the process will pass to Dielectric Heating System to improve the performance each other. The machine has high capacity to eliminate weevil efficiently including their eggs. The heat has no harm or any effects in structure and quality of rice.
The machine has these capacity for the need of customer.
1.)      Model: GREEN2500 , Capacity 2.5-3 Tons/Hour .

2.)      Model: GREEN1000 , Capacity 0.7-1 Tons/Hour .
Note: All model can work continue to 10 hours per batch and rest for 2 hours.

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