Q: Can it eliminate grain beetles? How?
A: The machine can eliminate 100% mortality rate of grain beetles and their eggs by using dielectric heating which can rapidly increasing temperature in second. The machines already have been used in Thung Ku La Co-Operative Rice Mill and Loyalty Rice Mill in Nan Province.

Q: Is there any effect on quality and structure of rice?
A: With dielectric heating, it is rapidly heat up in second from inner core. There is no effect on quality and structure of rice.

Q: Is processed rice against the export rules?
A: No, it isn’t. Dielectric heat wave will pass through non-metal, not directly to rice so the molecule of rice has no change. This is according to Thai Agricultural Standards (Rice) rules 4.3.2/4.3.3/4.3.4.

Q: Is machine power-saving?
A: Power-saving will be used only 2-3 units per hour. Production cost will be only 0.0025 Baht per kilogram (calculate from electricity charge at 5 baht per unit).
Q: How does machine work?
A: It is friendly-user machine. Just turn the switch on 15 minutes before operation. About after-sales service, we have professional service team who has knowledge in machine. Price is reasonable.

Q: How long can it work continually?
A: Machine can process continuously 10 hours per batch and rest for 2 hours because of air cooling. If you are interested in processing 24 hours, we also have a solution.

Q: Is machine expensive?
A: To compare with no chemical residue and quality of rice, it is not expensive. It is 100% organic rice.
Q: How is after-sales service?
A: Best Plus Supply Co., Ltd. has professional service team. We have 4 times-annual check. In case there is urgent case, we can visit customer within 48 hours. After warrantee is expired, we have annual contract to service in reasonable price. We guarantee in our service.

Q: After placing order, how long will it take to install machine?
A: Lead time is 4-6 weeks after placing order and it will take less than 2 days for installation.

Q: If I am interested in this machine, how should I contact?
A: You can contact via hot line number: +66 83 548 0333 or email as shown in this brochure.
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