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         Best Plus Supply Co., Ltd was found by a group of Engineer, Researcher and Professional Marketing Management. We strive to create new innovative technologies and quality in the manufacture and service. Continuous improvement,   market and customer orientation and environmental protection are firmly entrenched parts of our management system. Our mission is           “We care of your quality life and environment”.




         Thailand is a country that produce agriculture product also being the big food source of the world such as rice, corn, bean, sesame etc. They can import millions bahts per year. “Weevil” is a pest that destroys, damages the agriculture product and also can be propagated very fast. The farmers try to find the best way to get rid of them such as,

1.      Folk wisdom.

2.      Use of chemicals or gas.

3.      Use Color Sorter machine.     

In each method above still cannot eliminate weevil absolutely and also it will increase more problem such as,

1.      Have residue.

2.      Weevil not dead or just faint.

3.      Cannot eliminate Weevil eggs.

4.      Make loss of quality.

5.      Higher cost.

So that it’s the reason to find the way to eliminate the weevils definitely and solve these problem away.

            From the research of Robin W.H. (2005), Researcher team brings to a meeting to find approach, adjust and design the system that can eliminate weevil. Finally we have conclusion is the Integrated Heating System, between Conduction system and Dielectric system to eliminate weevil efficiency and no residue. The quality of the material not damage and also can be use in commercial trade.   

            Best Plus Supply Co., Ltd. is Caretaker and Developer of the Weevil Eradicator Machine. We also be a coordinator with the distributor and manufacturer directly to serve our customer. Customers can contact BPS directly. We are happy to serve you.

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